Car Window Tinting by Fort Collins Auto Tint

Fort Collins Auto Tint is your choice for professional, high quality Fort Collins window tinting. We carry Lifetime Warrantied, AMERICAN MADE truck, SUV and car window tinting products. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality window tint at reasonable prices.

Fort Collins Auto Tint was founded in 1991 and carries an A+ Colorado Better Business Bureau Rating. We are proud to be Northern Colorado’s most professional window tinting service.


#1 Reject Heat

Modern automotive Fort Collins car window tinting technology reduce up to 63% of incoming solar heat. Tinting your car will result in a more comfortable interior and increased fuel economy due to reduced air conditioning usage. Metal and ceramic window tinting products are particularly good at reducing heat.

#2 Looking Good

Give your car or truck that perfect cosmetic touch that it needs with just the right shade and darkness of car tinting. All vehicles look better with a good tint job!

#3 Privacy

You can never say enough for the privacy window tinting gives you driving down the street or when your car is sitting in that busy parking lot. It increases the safety and security of your vehicle.

#4 Lessen Glare

Glare can be a true danger while driving. The proper darkness of Fort Collins window tinting can reduce this hazardous and annoyance.

#5 Protect From Skin Cancer

The American Skin Cancer Association recognizes that a higher occurrence of Melenoma on the left side of the face likely has a connection with time spent driving next to windows that are not protected by window tint. Window tinting REJECTS 99% of UV Rays that cause skin cancer.

#6 Eliminate Sun Damage

Fort Collins Auto Window Tinting reduces 99% of harmful UV radiation & a significant amount of solar heat. These are the two parts of the solar energy spectrum that cause the fading and sun damage of your vehicle’s interior. With premium window tinting from Denver Auto Tinting, you will keep your interior looking good!

Fort Collins Car Window Tinting Is A Must Have For Your Car!

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